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Why GEO-Targeting Alone Won’t Unlock Web 3.0 Success

Pavlo Karapinka


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The English-speaking world already has a strong presence in the crypto space. Yet, other regions are shown even more promise for crypto projects. Find out what GEOs can be your goldmine.

What is Wrong with English-speaking GEO?

The English-speaking world already has a strong presence in the crypto space, with its own set of rules and regulations. On the other hand, other regions are still in the process of developing, and they’ve shown great potential that holds even more promise for crypto projects.

inside mob
inside mob

Curious, huh? Let’s dive into the topic and figure out how to replace the hype with a deliberate choice that will make your project a winner.

Who Else Is on the Crypto Map:

None of them is English-speaking, right? Now, when you understand that there are regions that can literally offer you better options on each metric, the only question is WHAT those GEOs are? The answer though isn’t really great: it depends. GEO should be chosen based on your project’s needs. In other words, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this riddle. The only way to actually select a suitable Geo for your project is to find out what is going on in a particular crypto landscape. Then analyze whether your project is fitting into their trends, pains, and demands.

GEO Targeting Made Easy: Our Strategic Approach

Describe your target audience; Find the top 20 popular bloggers/media and analyse what are the main topics 
in the country; If the product is a niche, then just research how much content there is on that/similar topic; Conduct keyword research.

You already have users or a community;
Partnerships, including on a GEO you want to penetrate;
Local funds that can connect you with other projects through their network.

If you don’t have any of the previous points...

It will be helpful if there is someone who can consult you about a GEO. By the way, you can always ask us about that — we have expertise in helping businesses penetrate Turkish and Ukrainian markets, so we are capable of bringing you not only advice but tangible results. Think about it.

Nail Your GEO: Research, Insights, Local Know-How

  1. When you’re trying to enter a new GEO, it can be tricky to figure out how things work in that specific location. That’s where local representatives come in handy. They have the knowledge and experience of the local market, so they can give you beneficial insights and advice;
  2. Engage in customer development activities with local crypto enthusiasts. Their first-hand experiences and feedback can offer unique perspectives and help you tailor your product to the preferences and needs of the target audience in the new GEO.

What Do We Recommend? A list of Promising Geo:

  1. Ukraine —  Unlock Technological Innovation and Expand Your Market Reach. 
    Discover the thriving tech scene in Ukraine, a hub for technological innovation. Tap into the potential of Ukraine’s market expansion opportunities. Leverage Ukraine’s skilled workforce and cutting-edge technologies for Web3 solutions. It offers technological innovation and market expansion;
  2. Turkey, and the MENA Region — Ride the Wave of Decentralized Technology Development. Explore the rapidly developing market for decentralized technologies in Turkey and the MENA region. Seize the growing opportunities in this dynamic market for Web3 solutions. Benefit from the region’s increasing adoption of blockchain and decentralized applications.
  3. CIS countries (except Russia/Belarus) — Unlock Powerful Emerging Markets. Dive into the promising emerging markets of the CIS countries (except Russia/Belarus). Capitalize on the region’s growing interest in Web3 solutions and decentralized technologies. Expand your presence and capture a new audience.
  4. Brazil, particularly Argentina, and Latin America in general — an expanding market for Web 3.0 solutions; Join the wave of expansion in Brazil, particularly Argentina, and Latin America as a whole. Discover the burgeoning market for Web 3.0 solutions in this region. Leverage the rising demand for decentralized technologies and unlock new business opportunities.
  5. Korea, Japan, and Asia offer vast potential due to its large population. Gain access to a thriving market eager for Web3 innovations.


In the end, the grand question arises: how to enter a specific region? The answer is not a simple one. It depends on a multitude of factors, each unique to the specific region you have in mind. But… we have a secret weapon up our sleeves that you may have never even considered!


Here’s our solution: delegating the region entry complexities to us. Seriously. Hand over the reins to our capable hands, and we’ll work our magic to ensure your entry into the desired region becomes a resounding success. We’ll navigate the intricacies, overcome the hurdles, and pave the way for your triumphant arrival. It’s your call!

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