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The Art of Tokenomics: Best Practices for Launch and Growth

Nazar Didyk


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Tokenomics can do wonders — from fueling ultrasound money to building a cult of around 21m. This guide offers strategies that will appeal to your KOLs, investors, and the team itself.

The Speed of Token Release. How Fast is Too Fast?

Full Throttle


Firstly, let’s understand what is quick and slow in terms of vesting. At this point in the cycle, < year vesting is in fact a fast-paced approach.


Examples: CV Pad, Ethereum, Filecoin, Avalanche.



We saw this much more in previous cycles, with less popularity right now. Let’s dig into the pros and cons:

Slow and Steady


Most recent, large-scale projects ($1b FDV+) choose to stagger token releases over time, aligning with market cycles and long-term goals. Here is an overview.


Examples: Aptos, StarkNet, Arbitrum.

Source: :


This is usually expected from this approach:

Ultimately, your choice should align with your project’s goals, market conditions, and investor expectations to ensure sustainable growth and successful fundraising.


With much capital already locked, you have to give competitive terms.

Require Marketing? Consider KOL Round

Delivering your vision to the public might be as crucial as fundraising (you wouldn’t be here otherwise).


If you want to avoid paying influencers in stablecoins, consider a separate round for KOLs. Here are the key points, differentiating KOL and Investor round:

Usually, vesting terms are not the bottleneck for a good KOL Round. What is a much bigger challenge — management, and quality influencers themselves. We can surely help with that.

Best Practices for Effective Tokenomics

Tokenomics is highly dependent on your project’s specifics. As a mechanic cannot fix your car without seeing it, we cannot give you a ready solution.

However, based on our experience, 10 principles and non-written rules have proven effective across various market conditions.


Whether you choose a fast or gradual release, each approach has its own set of benefits and challenges. It’s important to match your strategy to your project’s goals, market conditions, and what your investors expect. Given the amount of capital already locked in the market, offering competitive terms and maintaining clear communication are crucial.


If you are ready to make your launch a success, our agency has a good track record doing just that.

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