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Solus Group Hacked 2023: Crazy Success Story

Vlad Zghurskyi


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In a tough, war shadowed year, the Ukrainian crypto marketing company Solus faced more than its share of challenges. Find out how we overcame them and achieved greater success than ever.

2021-2022…Years of harvesting, years of money greed, both for our clients and us. But 2023 was different. For the entire industry, it was the only slogan for this year: “Adapt or die”.


Indeed. 12 months of low liquidity, geopolitical uncertainty and financial recession forced all web3 businesses to reinvent their business models and revolutionise themselves. So did we. We survived and we evolved. Because of three words:

Expertise, Positioning, and Diversification

After trying new things again and again, without really being afraid to fail, we managed to transcend being just a marketing agency. We evolved into a group of 70 diverse experts, unified under the new brand — Solus Group. Naming is not redundant here — now we are truly a group of complementary businesses covering areas from business strategy and marketing to fundraising and M&A.


Why? Because we wanted deep immersion, not surface scratches. Since knowing all the ins and outs from product launch to tokenizing, we can become an extension of our partners’ teams, not just another vendor. We are the strategic partners now, not quick wins. Previously, we were solely on the agency side. But now, as we’re launching our products, raising funds ourselves, and delving into tokenomics – we understand our partners better than ever before.

Yet, big words mean nothing without traction, right? So, talking about the traction:

solus group

More? Here you go:


2024? Strap in — we’re multiplying. We’ll continue exploring fresh directions, discovering new ventures, and sparking innovative ideas because staying still is not an option for us. The market’s poised to explode, and we’re going with it. Our R&D team never sleeps, crafting new ways to attract clients across DeFi, CeFi, infrastructure, and all the native directions.


So we want to utilize the new capacity we have. We’re not just scaling up, we’re sharpening our expertise to be your unfair advantage.


This year wasn’t about numbers — it was about impact. And trust us, the impact is just getting started. Cheers to 2024, and to building lasting partnerships with lasting results! Jump on board, and let’s create waves that shake the foundations.

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