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Proven Techniques to Foster Crypto Influencers Efficiency

Ruslana Safina


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Ever since influencer marketing appeared as a strong marketing tool, it is common to hear something like "Influencer marketing doesn't work — no one is clicking on the link I provided." But ...

Mostly, the reason is much simpler: typical integrations, 0 creative decisions, or just boring activities that can’t make people interested in what you do. Besides, often traffic from YouTube counts as organic that’s why projects may think that influencers don’t perform well. 


Want to boost the efficiency of influencers? We took a look at our experience of working with influencers, and listed the best advice in this article. Read it, implement the advice, and make your influencer campaign a golden one.

Get shared activities with crypto influencers

Any shared activities with influencers can impact many people and get them interested in a project. It’s an easy way to make a buzz and get more attention to what you do.

For example, you can offer the audience:

Besides, a trading tournament, consider a personal influencer’s draw as an ambassador of the project. In a way, it is also a tournament. Among gifts could be early access to a project or a project’s assets.

Establish referral/affiliate program of a normal person

Consult with the influencers about the terms of the referral program so he/she can get the profit despite the state of the market.

Meanwhile, an influencer may offer many bonuses for the audience:

Speaking of bonuses: bloggers can offer something really unique for using the link he/she provided. For example, promo codes and an access to something special within a project.

Allocation of tokens or other assets for projects

Allocation is often perceived by influencers as a sign that projects don’t want to pay in stables.

In order to change it, make the whole thing interesting not only for influencers, but also for the community.

Good relationship with influencers starts from many points, one if which is financially beneficial terms. Structured it in a way that the influencers find attractive and rewarding.

The importance of considering not only the interests of the influencers but also the broader community is hard to overrate. So, don’t. When making allocations, it is crucial to create a balance that benefits both the influencers involved and the wider community that follows or interacts with them.

Influencers who are part of a DAO should also be considered for allocation. DAOs are organizations that operate through smart contracts on the blockchain, and they often have their own influencers or contributors.

Instead of relying solely on one approach, it may be a good decision to incorporate elements of both allocation and traditional payment models. 

Influencers can contribute their expertise and insights beyond just promoting or endorsing products or services. By involving influencers as advisors, projects can benefit from their knowledge and perspectives in shaping strategies or making decisions.

Getting an influencer into a project more actively

There is a very simple formula you should remember:  the audience of an influencer really loves an influencer. If he/she is deeply involved with your project, the audience will love the project, too.

So, you are starting to get it, right?

An influencer can share their expertise, insights, or opinions related to your project with their audience, which can generate interest and trust among their followers.

Having the influencer actively participate in discussions and conversations related to your project’s community could be a great way to spice the audience up. 

The influencer collaborates with the customer support team to assist the audience in resolving any issues they may encounter. The influencer can provide personalized assistance, offer solutions, or act as a mediator between the project and its users, which enhances the overall customer experience.


While many projects still consider influencer marketing a scam because it “doesn’t work”, you can use all these tips to power up your crypto efforts and get results you want, or don’t even expect. 


In the end, last piece of advice: anywhere you can involve an influencer, do it.


If for some reason you can’t implement these tips — all of them or just one — make sure you shape a “clickable” CTA. Also, use triggers and activators of your product when crafting CTA for an influencer. If you don’t know any of these — get to know them. And remember: Influencer integrations will have value when there is a value in your product. 


That’s it! 

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