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16 November 2022

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Genocide of crypto project is started. How to survive?

How To Work With Influencers In the Blockchain Field

How To Work With Influencers In the Blockchain Field

Yeah, the reality looks exactly like this, but we still like them 🙂
The thing is that working with influencers is first and foremost working with people.
It is not always a piece of cake to work with people, with whom you are speaking the same language and share common interests.

So what do you expect from working with influencers? People that are usually living in their own world.

Especially, when the bull market appears… On that stage, influencers tend to become extremely narcissistic dudes. Your 1000 bucks for advertising will hardly impress them.

Speaking generally, the zest of crypto influencing is this: if you want to be a thought leader in the crypto world, advertising simply could not be your only way to earn a living. And this fact makes communication with crypto influencers way more harder, cause in 9 from 10 cases your advertising budget means nothing for influencer.

But come on: Influencing is literally one of the first productive tools in the crypto field. When big money is at stake, no one but the guy that you trust can deliver the information convincingly.

Let’s dive in!


number 1

Influencers don’t need briefs. Stop writing memoirs with an ode to your product

Let’s take a look at the nature of influencing.
Influencers are those who:

have a unique opinion or just become famous for something – Vitalik Buterin
simply create silly content that humans so desperately need. Example: Musk
are good at presenting boring information curiously and do it in their way (example: most YT bloggers).

  • Well, there is another category of “influencers”
    those who know how to make a channel and use the tool for their benefit (how to find these gems we will tell you a bit later)

So, the worst thing you can do is to tell the influencer that he/she has to read the brief and stick to it step by step.

Why? Because in this way you are destroying the message, the manner and the style of presenting information that makes him an influencer in the first place. You are virtually denying everything that makes his opinion influential.

Here’s an example:
Let us introduce Arcane Bear, the influencer we love to the moon and back…

But at the beginning of our collaboration, we took a lot of nerve cells from each other

Our scheme of work with Arcane Bear was as follows:


1. We sent the brief – he ignored the brief – we felt irritated, he felt irritated as well.

2. The next time we told him to publish a post on a specific day – he did not publish, we felt irritated, he felt irritated as well.

3. Finally, we spent some time communicating, made an agreement about long-term cooperation and a free format of communication – we are happy, Bear is happy. In conclusion, we have been working together for more than a year and everything is amazing

P.S he even expresses the willingness to invest in the IDO of one of the projects we are working with

So yeah…one step from love to hate. We were incredibly furious at him because he did everything completely despite the brief.

But over time, we realized one simple truth: some influencers need freedom, not f*cking briefings.

number 2

Influencers don’t need briefs. Stop writing memoirs with an ode to your product

When we started working with Crypto Wendy – there were lots of tears on both sides

 The scheme of work was as follows:


We sent the brief - Wendy simply read the brief on camera


Asked to rewrite ~ everyone got angry ~ Wendy re-recorded, this time reading 50% only


The video still did not make us feel right, everyone is angry, but no one wants to remake it anymore

In addition, we made a mistake and dropped the payment on a non-existent wallet and spent two weeks making things right. LOL 🙂 You can imagine how it affected our relationship with Wendy.

But now our format of cooperation looks like this:

– Hello, Wendy, one of our projects released a super cool info hook, could you, please, make a video that rocks?

– Gotcha, tomorrow will roll it to you.

Once tomorrow is here, we get an amazing native integration at our disposal.

number 3

Sometimes two ads in the same video are extremely great for conversion (but for one of them)

There is advertising on YouTube. It was, is, and will be there. However, if Wendy hits direct advertising integration, and then natively talks about our project, in contrast, it creates trust and will be fully accepted as a personal recommendation.

number 4

Influencers are good, but ambassadors are x10 times better.

If you do everything properly, then such influencers can generate wild ROI.

If you want to get a stable result and not depend on the occasion, then working with ambassadors is your solution.

Here is the case that once again convinced us that the ambassador’s board is the best that could happen with the brand

A week earlier we wrote to Roman Tomera with an offer to cooperate with the Waves exchange. To our surprise, he decided to put HIS OWN money to the staking and was already observing positive dynamics.

At that time, we didn’t really know that he would become one of the brand ambassadors.

However, we decided instead of the standard advertising integration “in Philip Kotler style”, where we clearly work out all the pain of the audience, use the right triggers and all that staff allow Roman to make a video in the format “Hello guys, I invest X USDT in Waves exchange, the profit is already +X “
And, as you may have guessed, the results of this integration were incredible.

(We have to remain anonymous, but the sum invested by the dudes who followed the link under the video pleasantly surprised us)

Then we did a terrible thing: we paid at once for 8 videos. Yes, exactly. 8 videos. And… for 4 posts on Telegram. And for now, on a regular basis, we see new customers who have come from one of the videos/posts of Roman Tomera

Imagine what happens if you have a dozen of such ambassadors 🙂

Then even without additional marketing activities, you will have a constant flow of users (of course, there will be peaks and falls, but the constant dynamics can only mean that everything is balanced).

number 5

Non-crypto traders are people, too

The audience of crypto bloggers


Is limited


Is cluttered by other projects

That is why in order to build a strong brand you have to grow new successors of the brand. From our experience, IT specialists, non-crypto traders, finance and investments gigs are perfect candidates to become crypto lovers

We had a case where we decided to test the integration with a non-crypto trader. It wasn’t easy

First, we spent a couple of hours explaining to the dude what the heck is crypto. We faced a simple problem – he doesn’t even have a crypto wallet. LOL 🙂

Greet him, Blaze Capital, the dude who was forced to make his crypto wallet to get paid for our videos.

No doubt that soon we will be able to say something like “Greet Blaze Capital, TOP crypto trader!, because after integration with our project, the dude became interested in crypto. He’s trading now, by the way.

First integration with him generated worse results than we used to see. But we decided to continue our cooperation and see what happens

For a couple of months now he and his followers have been studying the topic of crypto on the example of our project 🙂

And the fact that the audience which you “grow” together with the blogger will enter the crypto world with the project that you promote will be a great benefit for you. From now on and always they will love and cherish your project, like the one who introduced them to the new world.

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Some important notes:

No matter how great your team of analysts is, no matter how hard you try on advertising integrations, remember a couple of tricks:

– You will never properly track the effectiveness of influencer marketing. No matter how you set the attribution:

Quite usual scenario looks like this:


Yeah, it does not release anyone from setting up analytics and achieving metrics
But in this case, it is crucial to track the general dynamic of growth and focus on quality and engaging content

That’s it!

Actually, we in Solus have several things, that we could do forever, and one of them is talking about influencers

That is why feel free to reach out @RusyaSolus or @Pashamark_S11 in Telegram.

And wait for new articles:) Twitter, TikTok, Telegram have a lot of secrets that will help you to move up in coinmarketcap rating


To sum up, even though the 99,9% LUNA drop became one of the most painful events in crypto history, it is one of the best moments to re-shape your imagination about crypto space and its rules.

The Crypto community needs to go through the hard times to understand that the crypto economy is not magic but a real economy that is regulated even without regulators.

It is not enough just to stay in crypto anymore.

If you want to survive in the crypto space, you need to stay strategic.

Lastly, if you want to keep your project on track during the bear market with a little effort – we are here to help. And nope, we are not going to promise you to attract millions of new users overnight, as it has usually been promised. But we promise to be strategic and reactive at the same time 🙂

SOLUS team.

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