Author: Ruslana Safina

12 December 2022

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Ultimate Guide on How not to Die in Anticipation of the Crypto Influencer's Answer

Sorry for clickbaiting 🙂 Suppose that if you`ve ever faced the task (or rather a challenge) to establish contact with dozens of top crypto influencers, you should realise that if you decide to spend 5 minutes on it, you must spend those 5 minutes every day for 2 years
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But before talking about all the ins and outs of the crypto influencers base gathering process, let’s spend a few minutes in order to understand why we need influencers at all?

Btw, we`ve already published several articles about influencers marketing. But you can always check them in our blog, so do not be distracted from reading this one 🙂


And yeah, we still remember about Wechat, Pinterest, Reddit, Discord, Snapchat, Сlubhouse and other social media that have thousands of unique crypto fans.

Surely the audience overlaps sometimes, but according to the stats the number of people using social media is over 3.96 billion worldwide, with the average user having 8.6 accounts on different networking sites.

But when it comes to crypto marketing, influencers could solve much more problems:

number 1

In 2021 unlike Facebook Ads and Google Ads people could not be banned. Okay, yes, recently TikTok put certain restrictions on crypto bloggers, but this does not prevent them from creating accounts on other social networks and bringing all loyal fans with them.

number 2

Investments decisions aren't the easiest ones and nothing could work better here than an advice from authoritative crypto investor.

number 3

Your brand will receive much more trust from everyone if it will be trusted by key opinion leaders in crypto sphere.

So the question here is:
Are you ready to leave half the world's population virtually unfamiliar with your project?

Yeah, sure, banner advertising still exists and still works, but compare your level of trust to the product you’ve seen on a banner and the product, about which you’ve heard from a real person

But before making your crypto product viral by means of influencers, we need to find them and establish communication.

Let’s dive in

How to gather that base (before contact phase)?

number 1

Seems to be obvious, but decide which type of influencer you like to work with

By size:


By social media:

play icon


tweeter icon


tiktok icon


discord icon


message icon




By topic:


Crypto newsmakers


Crypto philosophers




Сrypto educators


General traders
(stocks, bonds, etc.)




(yes, they also could be used for attracting crypto audience)

By type*:
*our own classification 🙂

Disclaimer: if you are okay with 2-3 influencers of “advertising” type, you can go ahead and just send the email to 20-30. So that you could be sure that you receive a few responses in a few days.

But if your aim is to establish relationships with highly efficient influencers – keep reading.

number 2

Collect the influencers and their contact details

Depending on the platform it could be done in different ways, but there are cross functional ones.

By platform

Life hack

Don’t be too scrupulous at this stage when it comes to metric validation. Realize the fact that you receive replies from 10-30% of influencers. So it could be much more efficient to validate those who replied.

That’s it!

Bear in mind that crypto influencers require patience even before you start working with them directly 🙂 But if everything was done correctly, returns will cover all the investments (both financial and emotional).

Btw, if you are about attracting a crypto audience, I’m sure that we will find common ground for establishing a fruitful partnership.

 Ruslana Safina

Ruslana Safina

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