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How to Find CMO for a Crypto Project | Solus Agency

Volodymyr Melnyk


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Gone are the days of relying on word-of-mouth or lucky breaks. Today's crypto scene requires a strategic approach. Now, you need a versatile front man — a CMO who can embody your brand.

Now you need a front man — a person that can be both a talking-head, and your brand face.


In other words, you need CMO. Yes, for a crypto project which we realize might be hard to find. 


Here’s the thing: no matter how brilliant your developers are or how revolutionary your technology may be, without effective marketing, your crypto project risks fading into obscurity, leaving potential users and investors unaware of your existence. You don’t want that for sure. 


This is why we prepared an exclusive criteria for choosing CMO for a crypto project, and ready to give you a guide on finding THE right CMO to drive your project right to the top. 

Choose CMO with understanding of crypto

… or give him time to master understanding. The very first thing you have to keep in mind is very simple: don’t work with CMO before he gets deeply into understanding crypto. So, you have two options:


Find CMO that already excel in crypto and really interested in it;


If you hire a great CMO that doesn’t know crypto, give him time 
to dive into the sphere. 

But! Remember that the level of CMO and his skills may differ in relation to the stage your project is in.  Don’t copy requirements from other similar positions: formulate it in accordance with the current state of your project:

Look for a team player

Look for a team player who can ride the crypto rollercoaster with you, because in the realm of cryptocurrencies, you’re bound to experience a lot of ups and downs. This is why it’s better to work with like-minded people. The volatile nature of the crypto will bring you a lot of urgent events, late-night sessions, and caffeine-induced brainstorming marathons. Again, you need “your” person to survive that. 

Network is obligatory

Network in crypto is everything.

A network-savvy CMO can bring together a talented marketing team and tap into valuable resources and industry experts. They can open doors, form partnerships, and help your project gain the recognition it deserves. Plus, when challenges arise, they can call upon their network to find solutions quickly.


Now, let’s talk about another important aspect: being a good communicator. Your CMO will be the face and voice of your project, representing it at conferences and events. They need to be charismatic, articulate, and able to capture people’s attention. A CMO who can confidently convey your project’s value and inspire trust is vital. 


If you don’t see these things in your candidate, we recommend you to move on and choose the next one.

Where to find this perfect CMO?!

Share the job posting with all your crypto buddies and see if they know someone who’s perfect for the role. Or hey, if you’re feeling adventurous, give us a shout—we’ve got some secret connections up our sleeves.

Okay, okay, we admit it’s a long shot, but who knows? Maybe your ideal CMO is secretly scrolling through those channels, just waiting for their dream opportunity to pop up.

You never know, you might stumble upon a hidden gem of a CMO just waiting to be discovered.

Yep. Influecers. We’ve seen it happen before—some influencer magic can lead you straight to your dream CMO. It can be done in the form of a digest, for example. CMO might not hang out on job sites, but they are definitely watching crypto influencers.

If your goal is to find a high-quality professional for your project, hunting is a key.

Look for CMO of the projects you like, search professionals with a vast network. Of course you will have to offer something better. Maybe just the idea of your project.

Don’t ever neglect typical sites where everyone is looking for a job. CMO also people that looks for a job.

Last thought

If it is all so complex, do you really need CMO? The answer is very simple: 


of the time, yes, 
you need CMO


no, but only if you have an agency that provides you with 
a turnkey solution

For example, we cover a CMO position for 3-4 months for our clients. Also, we help to find a team player kind of CMO. If you don’t want to do all the things we just described, go straight to us — we will find you a perfect fit.

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