Author: Ruslana Safina

30 August 2023

7 Min Read

How to build a better web 3.0 with the game changing kols accelerator

Ah, Web 3.0, the promised land of decentralization and transparency! Except, it’s turned into a playground for scammers and a breeding ground for misinformation. Who knew that a utopian dream could become 
a dystopian reality so quickly?

Our Kick-Ass Solution

Tired of the circus? So are we. That’s why, after half a decade of grinding it out with 
crypto projects and influencers, we’re dropping the mic with our Web 3.0 KOLs Accelerator.

Oh, you want credentials?

How about 150+ successful campaigns, a Rolodex of over 1000 influencers — both crypto saints and blockchain sinners — and more than 10 projects that we’ve kicked into 
high gear? This isn’t just another ‘solution’; it’s the antidote to the Web 3.0 poison 
you’ve been forced to swallow.


Web 3.0 KOLs Accelerator

This is a solution that will help young creators – aka influencers – to make high-quality content about high-quality projects for high-quality people who are about to enjoy 
Web 3.0 and not exploit it.

Apply now, and let’s turn this Web 3.0 sideshow into the main event. Got a pet project you’re dying to gab about? Don’t just slide into our DMs — let’s make it official. Hmmm… Still have some questions left? Dig in.

How Can I Benefit from It?

Yes, we hear how this question resounds in your head. It is quite loud. And yes, you certainly benefit from this solution even if you are not an influencer. Unless you’re a scammer. 
We have a place for you too, though.

Here’s how this is going to work depending on your role in the Web3 world:

INFLUENCERs at their early stage will establish long-term contracts with 
web 3.0 projects.

Thanks to that and possible additional funding from VCs, influencers have no need 
to bring fake followers or create clickbait videos. They can become true creators and not worry about earning a living. Isn’t it a game-changer? Remember our Call to Action you read 20 seconds ago? Don’t make us repeat. Apply now!

PROJECTs will receive a long-term native, high-quality promotion with dependable influencers.

And thanks to additional KOLs acceleration, the project will receive an extremely strong ambassador board with macro KOLs. Their positions will be only stronger. 
Get all your burning questions answered by our blockchain marketing specialists.

CRYPTO USERS will receive the opportunity to obtain high-quality information from KOLs who are not trying to deceive their audience by adding numerous scam 
promo links.

Moreover, our accelerator makes becoming a KOL easier. This allows everyone to find the right fit and enjoy Web 3.0, fuelled by the powerful engine of pleasure, a key driver of mass adoption.

VCs/ANGELs/PRIVATE INVESTORs receive the opportunity to invest in the most missing fields of crypto – the educational lot.

Plus, to diversify their portfolio with one of the most profitable and authoritative professionals in crypto.

THE MARKET will be freed from the poison thanks to a significant boost of opportunities for young creators that will lead to a boost of knowledge, joy, and truthfulness.

What about scammers and those who only look for unfair quick profit, you may wonder. Yep, they will get something as well.

They will either become extinct or will have to spend much more effort due to the increasing level of actual knowledge and opportunities for true creators, which will lead to the almost complete efface of this segment.

How Is It Going to Unfold?

Now that you’ve got the hang of how this solution works, let’s have a closer look at the nuts and bolts that’ll help us detoxify the Web3 environment.

We are gathering application forms from young creators with specific requirements for participation;

Later, we will open applications for project participation;

In order to provide more resources to our young creators, we will announce the opening of an investment round for VCs/Angels;

We are always open to reinforcement by partners, including:

KOLs who have already succeeded;

KOLs who have the experience to share, even if they didn’t succeed;

Production studios;

Any other companies that could help us boost young creators.

Three-Step Journey for Better Web3

Before we embark on this journey together, there’s a little something we like to call the “hero’s path” waiting for you. Okay, we might be half-joking. 
But let’s explore what this phase is all about, shall we?

number 3

Briefing & Pitching Stage

We will analyse all KOL applications and speak with each of them personally to confirm their desire and knowledge;

We will also speak with project representatives to define their goals and intentions;

Negotiations with potential partners and investors will also take place during this stage.

Matching Stage

After receiving enough data from all sides, we will match KOLs with projects based on their types and goals to create the best match;

We will then balance between KOLs and projects to satisfy everyone;

Finally, we will shake hands.


Performance Stage

KOLs will post high-quality content about the projects and grow their channels;

Projects will receive new users, community members, traders, and fans thanks to the promotion;

People will receive more knowledge and joy;

Scammers will be eliminated;

Investors will earn;

The market will get rid of the poison;

SOLUS will work to ensure the quality of everyone’s experience and constantly boost;

Partners will contribute from all sides to boost young creators even more.


Key Takeaways

Five years of blood, sweat, and blockchain. We’ve been in the trenches with KOLs, launching campaign after campaign like it’s nobody’s business. But let’s be real, some newbies in the influencer game who couldn’t care less about Web 3.0 are raking in the offers, huh? Must be nice to win the luck lottery!

Time to Level the Playing Field. Get ready to stop dreaming and start living in a Web 3.0 that doesn’t suck? Buckle up, because we’re about to turn this ship around. We’re not just making Web 3.0 fair; we’re making it a place where you won’t believe the results you’re seeing.

We match TOP KOLs with TOP projects

and that is only first point 🙂