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Is it Really Worth to Penetrate Turkish Сrypto Market?

“Crypto is basically a saviour for many individuals in Turkey both from a financial and mental perspective” Coindesk
“Daily transactions in crypto in Turkey topped one million in March 2022” Aljazeera
“Many people in Turkey think they can no longer buy a car or a house within the classical financial system. For this reason, interest in crypto assets is increasing daily.” economist Erkan Öz
“The growing appetite for crypto is the latest manifestation of the Turkish public’s search for reliable investments” Aljazeera
“Turkey works hard to make Istanbul home to global blockchain hype” CoinTelegpraph 
“The daily trading volume of Turkey’s first cryptocurrency platform BtcTurk reached around $424.3 million in May 2022, while another local Turkish platform, Paribu, had a trading volume of $203.5 million.” Triple-A

How could we help?

What could you achieve?

Either you just want to spread the info hook via the Turkish users or build the Turkish community from A to Z, we could be your brains and arms.

  • Reach 8 million Turkish crypto owners
  • Go far beyond and reach the Turkish NOT YET crypto audience
  • Build and grow a loyal Turkish community
  • Establish a constant presence in Turkey

What exactly are we doing?

Our marketing efforts are usually global, which helps to promote our projects across various regions. However, it's important to have a specific focus. In this case, we are targeting the Turkish crypto community to establish a strong presence in that market.

  • Building relations with Turkish KOLs
  • Using Turkey-specific PPC/Media Buying approaches
  • Organizing Turkish-centered info hooks
  • Managing Turkish community
  • Ensuring the possibility of acquiring local crypto businesses

Use cases

Maximize the coverage of the audience

Once you need to reach as many Turkish guys as possible to spread the local info hook, we could help you by developing and rapid implementation of a short-term one-time coverage-oriented campaign. Even Istanbul cats are going to talk about your info hook. Btw, there are 125,000 cats in that city :)

Build community

If you are about to play a long game and gather your own Turkish community, we are about to help you, starting with the strategy preparation to its turnkey implementation and constant support. Your goal for a highly engaged, constantly growing community that converts to product users would be marked as done.

Buy/sell business

If you're interested in rapidly scaling your business, our M&A (Merging and Acquisition) company can assist you in the process of buying or selling a business and help you find relevant matches. Additionally, we can provide relevant media coverage to maximize the impact of your efforts.

Want to steal the hearts of 8 million Turkish crypto enthusiasts?

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We didn't choose the Turkish market after analysing tons of data during our strategic session. Actually, we decided to test the market together with one of our clients and were pleasantly surprised. Influencers in Turkey were excited and proactive, offering ideas and going above and beyond what we paid for. Some even created merchandise with our project because they wanted to. This was our first indication that the Turkish market was different from those we had worked with.

The success didn't end there. Our product generated not just clicks or signups, but actual value, revenue, and ROI. This prompted us to further expand our Turkish partnerships, acquire more clients, and discover effective ways to market our product in Turkey. This is the story behind our service. If you're interested in more detailed statistics and data, feel free to visit our website or conduct your own research.

By the way, we're not limiting ourselves to Turkey. We're a worldwide agency. But specifically in this service, we want to maximize our reach and branch awareness and build a strong business presence.

Absolutely. We don't recommend launching a full-scale Turkish campaign without understanding the market first. We suggest starting with a simple test campaign to evaluate if the Turkish market is compatible with your product.

No, you don't – at least not at the very beginning. We can create these for you in case of full-scale package launching. For initial support and test campaigns, you don’t need to have everything in Turkish.

It depends on your specific goals. We can maximize the percentage of crypto communities that know about your product, but we need to define your goals and conduct tests to determine whether they are achievable. After that, we can create a customized strategy for the Turkish market that fits your goals.

While we are able to assist with assembling a team, we strongly advise having a core team based in Turkey for sustained success with strategic inquiries. In the meantime, we can assist in locating a team as we work on our campaign. We're able to provide scaling support, but it's vital to have a core team in-house for long-term achievements.

Let's talk and figure that out. We don't have a one-size-fits-all solution, but we can discuss your goals, vision, budget, and project logic to prepare the best solution for you to start. Contact us to schedule a call.