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6x your token in three weeks: Growth roadmap

Ruslana Safina


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A few weeks into our campaign we got a +600% spike in token growth, 200,000 free coverage and counting. How did we avoid buying KOLs, and what lessons did we learn?

Chart shows the price movement before and after the collaboration. With a 600% increase since the start of the campaign. Source:

The Client

The hero (this time) is Hyper GPT. Think of it as a Web 3 App Store for all the AI solutions. AND it’s an SDK to access all AI APIs with a single account.


number 1

600% increase in token price since campaign launch

number 2

Huge increase in brand awareness with a reach of 700k

How did we get there?


We used and created strong info hooks

Yep, sorry, KOL marketing isn’t going to cover ALL your needs, unless you’re about to launch a meme coin wif hat (too late, nvm).


When building a fundamental project — build fundamental marketing.


But what if you are not about to be listed on Coinbase or Microsoft is not your partner? If your project is valuable — be sure that we will manage to find or build info hooks and narratives.


That is what we do as marketers, after all.


Our campaign started before all the listings and Microsoft partnership announcements. We began by building a narrative around the project, competing Hyper GPT with shovel sellers and the current market with a golden rush. The audience went crazy!


We did not buy posts, we PITCHED the KOLs

An Influencer who doesn’t care about his audience could have 3+ low to medium-quality ads per day. How efficient do you think they are?


Well, if the market is growing, your token could correlate with the trend. Is that something you are looking for in a KOL campaign?


So first thing we did in the first place — lobbied the project positioning with Top KOLs in desired GEO like Trade001k or Dnevniki_Crypto. We did it with a series of native publications that are not usually done for “No name” coins.

Publication examples:


Three letters, U G C!

Influencers are a GigaChad instrument, there’s no doubt.


But they won’t make too much difference without viral effects. 1-3% of KOLs audience will buy it and that is it.


But the sky is not the limit for us, that is why one of our campaign metrics was non-direct coverage, meaning the audience covered thanks to reposts of KOLs posts.


Result? Around 1500 reposts in Telegram (not a native platform for reposts) and 200,000 additional FREE coverage from them.


And that number is constantly growing even without an additional promo. Why? Because we managed to CREATE A MARKET NARRATIVE.


number 1

Don’t advertise air, air should be free. Build real narratives

number 2

Don’t just buy KOLs. When the urge to gamble is irresistible, buy shitcoins?

number 3

“UGC, sir” should be your TOP phrase when choosing an agency or launching an in-sourced campaign

number 4

You are missing out if you don’t hand-pick GEOs

The audience is hungry for the next “alpha” play, and if you are clever enough, it could be your token.

KOL Collaboration

Artificial Intelligence

Token Growth

Referral Marketing


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